North Main Athletic Complex
Multi-Sport Stadium & Recreational Hub Project
Holly Springs, North Carolina
North Main Athletic Complex
Town of Holly Springs, Owner
WithersRavenelSurveying, Planning, Engineering and Landscape Architecture

Transforming Underutilized Land into a Vibrant Community Center

WithersRavenel’s comprehensive land development, water resources, surveying and construction management services enabled Holly Springs to create a beautiful new center for the community that will attract new growth and add to the vibrancy of the Town for years to come.


For more than two decades, the 62-acre tract of land between North Main Street and the NC 55 Bypass was owned by Wake County and designated for use as a fill-dirt mining site for the South Wake Landfill. Leaders in the Town of Holly Springs, concerned about the amount of heavy machinery, dust, noise, and traffic that would be generated by the excavation and placement operations, sought an alternative use for the site that would leverage its location along a primary route into downtown. In early 2012, Town staff approached the County about selling the site to the Parks & Recreation Department.

This project has been near and dear to town leadership and the entire community from the beginning. WithersRavenel understood our vision for placemaking here in Holly Springs, and they've come through for us at every stage of the project. We're grateful for their expertise and professionalism.

— Len Bradley, Town of Holly Springs


After purchasing approximately 42 acres of the borrow site—leaving about 20 acres on the northern portion of the tract for a potential future school—the Town needed a planning and engineering partner to help realize its vision for a multi-use sports and park complex. With expertise in turnkey land development, WithersRavenel brought the technical acumen and keen eye for placemaking necessary to create a community treasure. The firm led a design team that included national baseball stadium architects, traffic engineers, and retaining wall specialists to ensure each element of the complex met rigorous design standards and integrated seamlessly with the other elements of the facility and surrounding area.

The complex supports a variety of youth and adult athletic programs, including baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, and lacrosse, and is the home to the Holly Springs Salamanders, a Coastal Plains League summer collegiate baseball team. The complex also offers space and equipment rentals and hosts concerts and events to bring residents and visitors together.

Facilities At A Glance

  • 1,800-Seat Multisport Artificial Turf Stadium
  • Miracle League Baseball Field
  • Two Artificial Turf Soccer Fields
  • Eight 78’ USTA Tennis Courts
  • Four U-8 Tennis Courts
  • Gymnasium/Community Center
  • Playgrounds
  • Greenway Trails
  • Parking
  • Athletic Field and Safety Lighting

Challenges and Successes

An undeveloped tract like the North Main site is a vital part of the environment: its permeability allows runoff to infiltrate rather than gathering on the surface. Instead of simply paving over the tract, which would disrupt this function and could result in reduced water quality and flooding, WithersRavenel developed an innovative stormwater management system that uses the artificial turf fields as stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs). During rainfall, water penetrates the turf, which acts as a filter, and collects in an underground gravel retention area; the majority of these underdrains discharge to a stormwater detention pond that serves other portions of the site, while the underdrain for the multisport field discharges to a level spreader and filter strip. WithersRavenel also designed the complex to minimize impacts to the Town of Holly Springs’ Cape Fear riparian buffers.

The built environment also played a substantial role in the design. By coordinating with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), WithersRavenel was able to accommodate the future widening of North Main Street as well as a proposed superstreet connection between North Main Street and the NC 55 Bypass. This foresight will allow the NCDOT to make traffic improvements that alleviate congestion without sacrificing any of the new facilities or requiring costly redesigns to the planned roadways.

In addition, WithersRavenel designed an underpass through a highway culvert to allow pedestrians and cyclists on the greenway adjacent to the site to safely cross under North Main Street. This structure, which was designed to minimize impacts to the surrounding area, represents the harmony between manmade and natural landscapes that is present throughout the complex.


Construction of the North Main Athletic Complex was completed the summer of 2015 at a cost of $19 million.