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Master Planning

The value of a master plan lies in its ability to accurately capture existing conditions and anticipate future needs, thereby becoming a roadmap and a litmus test for policy and funding decisions.

To make the master planning process a success, WithersRavenel brings vision, technical expertise, adaptability, and a collaborative spirit. Through reliable data collection, our analysis experts work hand-in-hand with our planners and designers to help clients envision their goals.

Stakeholder engagement is also a key component of our approach: by involving government officials, project steering committees, partner organizations, and citizens early and often, we garner feedback, build consensus, and generate enthusiasm for future improvement projects. The result is a master plan that does not immediately collect dust on a shelf, but remains a living document that guides and nurtures future action.

Our Services

  • Visioning
  • Site Assessment & Selection
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Public & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Design Guidelines
  • Comprehensive Parks & Greenway Planning
  • Site-Specific Park Planning
  • Open Space Planning
  • Residential Planning
  • Neighborhood Theming
  • Commercial Planning
  • Utility Planning
  • Stormwater Solutions

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