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Remediation Services

Regardless of the cause, type, or extent of environmental contamination, WithersRavenel delivers peace of mind that remediation will be swift, thorough, and compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. Restoring properties to safe and operable conditions, which is essential to safeguarding human and ecological health, is at the forefront of our environmental work.

Before initiating site activities, we evaluate site-specific conditions to develop an appropriate remediation program. Our personnel may recommend a single technique or a combination of several techniques to thoroughly and cost-effectively identify and delineate contaminants and their concentration levels.

We have the in-house equipment and expertise to perform pilot tests and provide turn-key installation, startup, and maintenance or a variety of remediation systems, including air sparging, chemical injection, phytoremediation, soil vapor extraction, vapor mitigation, pump and treat (hydraulic containment), and multiphase extraction systems. We are also well-versed in contaminant transport modeling and have designed several natural attenuation systems.

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