Fayetteville celebrates engineers with E-Week Fair

Fayetteville celebrates engineers with E-Week Fair

A special event in Fayetteville puts the spotlight on engineers and their value to the community.

The City’s Engineering Division is hosting an E-Week Fair 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21 at City Hall.  As a new provider of On-Call Services for Fayetteville, WithersRavenel will have an educational booth at the fair and be a food sponsor.

Citizens and City employees are also invited to the event to enjoy presentations, food, fun and giveaways related to the engineering field. The City will share success stories by exploring past and current projects that make a difference in Fayetteville.

The event is part of Engineers Week, which occurs each February. The annual celebration showcases the profession to increase awareness while also celebrating the positive impact that engineers have in communities on a daily basis.

WithersRavenel looks forward to joining the City in its celebration of Engineers Week!