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Topographic Survey

The addition of accurate topographic information to a boundary and location survey provides a developer, site engineer, water resources expert, utility designer, or contractor with an existing conditions model that gives them the metrics they need for the successful design of residential and commercial sites.

In addition to assisting with balanced grading calculations, topographic surveys support the protection of water quality and public health by aiding in proper stormwater and sanitary sewer system design. Site-specific topography, as opposed to large-scale county and state data, can also provide more reliable location data for flood zones and flood-prone areas.

Using the latest in data collection and processing technology, our Professional Land Surveyors and support staff can perform the field location and 3D modeling necessary to properly design the vertical aspects of any site.

Our Services

  • Site Design Surveys
  • Roadway & Greenway Design Surveys
  • Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer Design Surveys
  • Stream Restoration Surveys
  • Benchmark Establishment
  • Elevation Certificates

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