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Survey Construction Services

Surveying is as important during construction as it is prior to design, because it gives contractors and developers peace of mind that critical information has been communicated and recorded. WithersRavenel provides two kinds of construction surveys—construction staking and as-built surveys—to keep projects on track.

Construction staking, also known as a site layout survey, is the first step in ensuring a project is built according to an engineer’s or architect’s design. Armed with modern robotic surveying technology, WithersRavenel’s multiple survey crew mark the location of proposed new structures such as roads, buildings, fences, and utilities. Our swift and accurate staking enables construction to proceed on time and within budget.

When unforeseen site conditions or limited material availability during construction lead to design changes in the field, we provide as-built surveys to thoroughly document those changes. Capturing this information at the outset makes it easier to avoid utility conflicts and locate structures for maintenance or repair in the future.

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