EIT-Engineer In Training (Civil 3D and Land Development Experience Required)

Job Purpose

EIT/EIs are technical full-time positions to support assigned engineers, landscape architects, or other technical positions by providing technical support and translating technical concepts into documentable technical solutions through the direction of a Professional (Learned Professional). Responsibilities include coordination, communication, and adherence to Company and Department processes, procedures, and standards and the promotion of Company culture and core values. They are responsible for contributing towards a positive working environment for their Teams.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Project and Client Management
    • Assist Project Managers (PM’s) and Assistant PM’s in the management of projects
    • Participate in project meetings and create subsequent documentation
    • Assist in communications with clients per PM direction
    • Communicate with PM’s and Assistant PM’s of any significant challenge, deviation from procedures and metrics, or incidents that occurs on projects
  • Technical
    • Review data received from senior technical staff and PM’s, analyze information, and determine compliance with standards and design concepts
    • Assist with preliminary and completed layouts, design concepts, and detailed design drawings from technical notes, sketches, and/or other drawings, ensuring they meet our company and industry standards and codes
    • Research and obtain standards/codes required by client and jurisdiction coordinating with Project Management and technical staff as necessary to accurately and efficiently develop plans
    • Apply technical concepts and theoretical design information to real world situations under the direction of a Professional
    • Work with PM’s and technical staff to understand scope of work, schedule, and budget
    • Complete deliverables and project responsibilities within scope, budget, and schedule, reviewing drawings for completeness and accuracy
    • Organize and maintain all revisions of project-related information per our Company policies and procedures
    • Use various applications to generate drawings, reports, or other technical based deliverables based on specific project requirements
    • Follow technical aspects and policies of the Department and Company
    • Analyze technical problems; devise new or improved techniques, approaches, and alternative solutions; and communicate those to supervisor for approval and implementation
    • Use current technology as much as practicable to design projects
    • Participate in scheduled Team meetings and, as needed, project meetings
  • Client and Business Development
    • Participate in civic and community events
    • Seek opportunities for cross-selling to enhance and expand our existing client relationships during and after projects


Required qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
  • Minimum Two Years of Experience in Civil 3D
  • Execute multiple tasks under tight deadlines and prioritize responsibilities
  • Understand planning and/or design concepts and methods
  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Willingness to take direction and learn software applications
  • Demonstrate personal investment in your career
  • Energetic, flexible, confident, and forward thinking
  • Successful completion of FE Exam or at least one section of the LARE exam