Stormwater Department Head

  • Full Time
  • Cary, NC

Job Purpose

The Stormwater Department Head has the primary responsibility for providing inspired technical and managerial leadership and expertise to both the Stormwater Department and external clients. This position will provide leadership and operational management to the department which includes implementing operational policies and procedures, developing innovative practices, personnel and budget management, business development, and overall growth of the department.

Duties & Responsibilities

Department and Practice Leadership

  • Responsible and accountable for the systematic and consistent operations, management, supervision, administration, planning, budgeting, operational and financial performance of the department
  • Creation and execution of strategic and business plans in conjunction with our overall company plans
  • Provide technical expertise, advice, and leadership for the department
  • Lead quality control/quality assurance development and implementation consistent with company standards and the requirements of our clients and regulatory agencies

Project, Client, and Team Management

  • Provide technical expertise on projects, and engage in design as necessary
  • Monitor and report the financial performance of all department projects and proactively address changes in scope, billing processes, schedules, and any settlements
  • Responsible for risk management and agreements for the department
  • Responsible for quality management for designs, construction plans, bid documents, technical specifications, construction cost estimates, and other deliverables

Personnel and Team Leadership

  • Lead, supervise, and monitor the department to achieve the goals and strategies
  • Mentor employees, lead career path planning and development (including training plans) and resource sharing for the department
  • Develop and implement effective communication, performance management, and strategic skills needed to achieve overall company goals

Client and Business Development

  • Understand, monitor, and engage in external organizations and funding mechanisms that affect the practice
  • Develop, implement and participate in existing strategic client development and relationship processes for the department and the company
  • Monitor, review, and lead RFQ responses

Required Qualifications

Required qualifications include the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent degree and/or experience
  • Self-motivated, engaged, team-oriented, communicative, and strategic thinker with strong leadership and management skills
  • Proven track record of mentoring and coaching
    15+ years of Stormwater engineering or related experience; 10+ years of project management; 2+ years of managing teams
  • Professional Engineer or other professional registration
  • Public and private client management

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred qualifications include the following:

  • Proven track record of developing existing and new client relationships
  • Technical certifications relevant to the field
  • Understanding of financial metrics and associated monitoring

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