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Institutional Development

Whether it is a parent dropping off a school-aged child, a motorist passing through a school zone, or a college student walking across campus, nearly everyone interacts with a school to some degree on a daily basis. Because schools are a part of our everyday experience, it is important to consider the impact of the design not only on students, teachers, or parents, but also neighbors, visitors, and commuters.

By uniting diverse planning, design, and engineering disciplines under one roof, WithersRavenel can guide the development of institutional facilities from site selection to as-built certification. This continuity of service throughout the project reduces delays and costs, strengthens communication, and allows us to concentrate on accessibility, safety, and aesthetics to enhance the learning environment.

Our Services

  • Master Land Planning
  • Comprehensive Site Design
  • Surveying & Mapping Services
  • Site Due Diligence
  • Environmental Services
  • Rezoning & Variance Support
  • Site Grading & Earthwork Analysis
  • Sedimentation & Erosion Control Design
  • Utility Design
  • Site Permitting
  • Stormwater Conveyance & Management Design
  • Landscape Architecture Services
  • Construction Phase Services

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