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Entitlements & Rezoning

Development projects often involve complex and multifaceted review processes in order to secure the permits and approvals necessary for construction. These permits and approvals and the process for obtaining them are collectively known as entitlements. At WithersRavenel, we understand that entitlements are a key component of each project and the ability to secure them is critical to project success.

Our team of experienced planners, designers, and engineers specialize not only in providing quality design services, but also in providing a comprehensive approach to the entitlement needs of our clients. We assemble project teams to leverage our knowledge of and experience with each locality’s entitlement process, providing valuable
insight that often leads to a more predicable entitlement process. We also routinely represent our clients at public hearings, neighborhood meetings, and other forums related to rezoning, Planned Unit Development, comprehensive plan amendments, and special & conditional use permits.

Our Services

  • Special Use Permits
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Rezoning
  • Land Use Plans
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • Annexation
  • Developer Agreements & Amendments
  • Planned Unit Developments (PUD)/Planned Development District (PDD)

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