Loans boost clean water infrastructure efforts of three WithersRavenel clients

Loans boost clean water infrastructure efforts of three WithersRavenel clients

WithersRavenel prides itself on helping public clients seek and obtain funding for critical infrastructure projects. The North Carolina State Water Infrastructure Authority recently announced that three of our clients have received funding from the State Revolving Fund Programs to help support clean water efforts.

For the Spring 2021 funding round, WithersRavenel helped three of our clients receive Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) loans. The Town of Clayton and the City of Dunn were recommended for CWSRF loans of $50 million and $2 million, respectively. The Town of Franklin was recommended for a DWSRF loan of $8.89 million. Congratulations to the towns of Clayton and Franklin, and the City of Dunn.

With these new loans, our firm has helped governments and agencies across North Carolina receive more than $761 million in funding through various state and federal agencies.

WithersRavenel’s Funding and Asset Management team has helped public clients receive $141 million in DWSRF Funding for water infrastructure on more than 45 projects, and $238 million in CWSRF Funding for sewer infrastructure on 60 projects.

WithersRavenel is equipped with responsive, dedicated grant specialists, who will help the voice of your community be heard through our reputable funding program. Our team locates funding sources and determines the sources that are most applicable for each project and prepares the funding application, ensuring that every detail is handled appropriately.

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