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Pavement Management

Best Management Practices for Pavement Condition Surveys (PCSs)

Based on our clients’ needs and the types of pavement management systems that are being used, WithersRavenel has performed ITRE, LTPP, PASER, ASTM D5340, and ASTM D6433 rating methodologies for their PCS. Collecting the right amount of accurate data enables our clients to make the best maintenance decisions that maximize the use of their funding. WithersRavenel and its team members have provided PCS services for numerous clients across the southeast and have surveyed/rated over 20,000 centerline miles of municipal roads. In many cases, WithersRavenel assists in selecting the best methodology that will meet our clients’ needs.

WithersRavenel provides pavement condition surveys for:

  • Roadway Networks
  • Parking Lots
  • Greenways

What Sets Us Apart?

Our experienced raters understand the cause of each of the pavement distresses and the most economical maintenance activity to fix the existing condition, extending the overall lifecycle of the pavement for the least cost. Knowing the pavement condition index (PCI) for each rated street segment during the survey and understanding the PCI range for triggering the right maintenance activity translates into accurate street listings and optimized work plans that are easily translated into preservation/resurfacing packages.

Leveraging the Data – Pavement/Asset Management Software

For many of our clients, WithersRavenel provides AgileAssets, Brightly Predictor, Infrastructure Data Solutions (IDS) and PAVER for the pavement management software. Our goal is to select the right software package to meet our clients’ needs. Whether it’s telling the roadway network financial story through predictive modeling or providing optimized work plans that maximize taxpayer dollars, our team is committed to leveraging the collected data for its highest and best use.

A key factor overlooked by most pavement management consultants is the age and condition of the utilities under the pavement. It is not uncommon for a newly paved road to be “open-cut” due to a construction compromised utility. If our clients know the age and condition of these utilities, they can make better informed decisions to repair roads after repairing or replacing the aging utilities. By use of predictive modeling asset management software, our clients can include pavement, water, wastewater, stormwater, and concrete flatwork in their models to provide a truly optimized solution that saves time and money over the life of the infrastructure.

You can’t manage what you don’t model!

Our Services

  • Pre-Survey & Data Analysis
  • Pavement Condition Survey & Data Collection
  • Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  • Maintenance & Repair Recommendations
  • Cost Estimates & Capital Improvement Planning
  • Pavement Management Implementation, Training & Support

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