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Asheville ABC Strategic Plan

About This Project

The Asheville ABC Strategic Plan outlines the organization’s future goals and strategies to achieve those goals, including careful examination and analysis of target markets, competition, customer journey, customer experience, promotional opportunities, operational issues, and community image building.

Team members who were part of Martin-McGill, which is now WithersRavenel, examined customer demographics and buying patterns for each store location based on data provided by the Asheville ABC Board; this information enabled us to better understand each store location’s unique target market. We also investigated opportunities and challenges for each location in order to make specific recommendations for areas of improvement.

The final report included both short-term and long-term recommendations for achieving greater efficiency, managing growth, and creating a stronger sense of identity, brand awareness, and brand consistency within the community. Many of the plan suggestions have been implemented, including enforcement of brand consistency through updated store signage and employee uniforms.