Black Creek Greenway

About This Project

The 7.1-mile-long Black Creek Greenway is one of the Town of Cary’s longest and most popular greenways, with connections to other important recreational and open space areas. In response to the development of a suburban apartment complex along the lake, which involved the construction of a stormwater detention pond, retaining walls, and parking areas, the Town decided to move the greenway avoid potential conflicts. WithersRavenel provided planning, landscape architecture, and engineering services for the design and relocation of 1,250 feet of trail.

With the input of area residents, city staff, and greenway users, WithersRavenel designed enhancements and new amenities along the relocated trail, including widening the path from 8 feet to 10 feet, constructing two pedestrian bridges, adding indigenous landscaping with wildlife plantings, installing a memorial water fountain, and building an improved covered overlook structure. Flood studies were essential to choosing a trail location that was walkable during more months of the year and planning tree plantings to reduce the impact of the trail on existing vegetation.

Geomatics, Land Development & Planning