Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer

  • Camp Seafarer arial view

About This Project

YMCA Camp Sea Gull for boys and YMCA Camp Seafarer for girls are overnight camps located on the coast of North Carolina. Both camps are large – more than 150 acres each – with prime coastal waterfront access.

The unique location on one of widest parts of Neuse River makes a wonderful place for campers to learn sailing and powerboating. Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer offer a variety of land and sea activities including sailing, powerboating, skiing, fishing, creative arts, archery, riflery, and more.

More than 10 years ago, WithersRavenel partnered with the YMCA of the Triangle, which owns and maintains the camps, to provide master planning and site design services to update camp facilities and bring them into line with the camp’s mission.

One of the YMCA’s chief priorities was enhancing access to and connection with the natural environment. By removing and relocating camp roads, automobiles were effectively eliminated from the campers’ experience, offering them a greater retreat from their day-to-day lives and allowing them to move more safely from place to place. An outdoor amphitheater overlooking the lake, large enough to accommodate the entire camp population, hosts outdoor movies, meals, and special events. Swimming facilities and other water-related activity buildings were relocated to take advantage of the large amount of water within the camp grounds and at the boundary of the Neuse River. A revised wastewater plan called for the small camp golf course at Camp Sea Gull to be relocated and the previous site to be repurposed.

The centerpiece of the improvements was the renovation of the camp center, which began by removing an unnecessary road running directly in front of the dining hall. A pedestrian bridge connecting the dining hall to the west side of camp relocated, making the camp center more functional and creating an open space for a new program center building.

Land Development & Planning