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Chatham Park Complete Streets

About This Project

Located in the Town of Pittsboro just 30 miles west of Raleigh, NC, Chatham Park is a 7,000+ acre master planned community approved for up to 22,000 residential units and 22 million square feet of non-residential space. It is the largest land development project on the East Coast, and WithersRavenel is the lead stormwater designer for both public and private development projects within Chatham Park.

As part of the project’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, WithersRavenel has planned and designed all public streets to include green street features to control and treat roadway runoff within the right-of-way.

Chatham Park is the first privately funded pilot project for the design and construction of a new alignment using green street installations. WithersRavenel is collaborating with the NCDOT to develop design, construction, and maintenance standards in the hopes that future roadway projects statewide will be able to use green street concepts. In addition, WithersRavenel has had extensive coordination with the NCDOT for design and construction of roadways, utilities, and permitting.