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Elkin Town-Wide Comprehensive Master Plan

About This Project

The Town of Elkin 2030 Comprehensive Town-wide Plan is a strategic guide that serves as a framework for the future of Elkin. Developed through an extensive process of community involvement and stakeholder input, the plan represents the shared Vision of what the community wants to become, and action-oriented implementation strategies that will help them get there.

The Plan includes a review of existing plans, analysis of existing conditions, community and stakeholder involvement, the creation of a vision for development, planning recommendations, implementation strategies, and priority action items.

As a comprehensive resource, this plan is intended to influence multiple facets of Elkin, including but not to limited to updated policies and ordinances, development plans, infrastructure and utilities, transportation, parks and greenways, brownfield and infield development policies, streetscape redevelopment, and recommended revisions to land use and zoning maps.

The Plan was completed over a nine-month period from July 2018 to March 2019.

Planning & Landscape Architecture