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Glen Canyon Culvert Replacement

About This Project

Glen Canyon Drive is a single-access road in the Westover subdivision of Fayetteville, NC; its entrance lies opposite Westover High School. The City determined that the current culvert infrastructure on Glen Canyon Drive was no longer adequate to handle the storm flows from the contributing watershed, and sought to replace the culvert with a larger structure to alleviate frequent and severe upstream flooding.

WithersRavenel analyzed the hydraulics at the culvert in order to design an appropriately sized replacement and accompanying channel stabilization. The new culvert consists of a 60-inch-diameter corrugated arched pipe with corrugated metal wingwalls. Stone riprap behind the wingwalls and along the banks of the channel mitigate and prevent erosion.

Because Glen Canyon Drive provides the only route of ingress/egress for more than 100 properties, construction phasing and traffic control design were paramount. WithersRavenel managed access concerns and utility relocations to cause the least disruptions to the daily lives of residents.