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Save Our Sidewalks

About This Project

Like many urban areas across the United States, the City of Raleigh’s historic downtown area lacks alleys between buildings. As a result, the rolling trash carts used by restaurants and business often end up sitting on the sidewalk, blocking foot traffic and filling the air with the smell of garbage. WithersRavenel’s Vice President Brock Storrusten sat down with City of Raleigh Downtown Coordinator Jen Baker, and together they hatched a plan to #DumpTheCart and Save Our Sidewalks.

The solution? Partially burying garbage containers underground. Finnish company Molok has created high-capacity containers specifically designed to live under sidewalks. According to Molok, these containers not only free up space on sidewalks for pedestrians but also help to control odors.

WithersRavenel is assisting the City in its launch of a pilot project to install Molok trash receptacles in a no-parking zone near the corner of Hargett and South Wilmington streets. Several restaurants in the area, including Gravy, Sitti, The Raleigh Times, and Mecca Restaurant, are taking part in the pilot project. They will put their bagged trash into the partially buried containers, which can also be used by pedestrians.

WithersRavenel contributed to the project with engineering plans, surveying, subsurface utility engineering, graphic renderings and design strategy, videography for site analysis.

The Save Our Sidewalks pilot project will run for six months and could lead to a larger implementation based on results. Two additional locations for the Molok containers have already been identified.

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