The Arboretum

About This Project

Research Triangle Park and the SAS campus are key drivers of growth in Cary, encouraging the development not only of technology, medicine, and communications businesses, but also of housing, dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation facilities—sometimes all in one place. Located at the intersection of North Harrison Avenue and Weston Parkway, The Arboretum is one such upscale mixed-use development, with 168,000 SF of retail and office space, 205 apartments in a multi-story apartment complex, and a covered multi-story parking deck.

WithersRavenel provided planning and landscape architecture for the community, including entitlements, land planning, civil engineering, and surveying. Because the development is an urban infill, stormwater management options were limited; WithersRavenel provided an innovative solution that converted an existing and unsightly concrete stormwater basin into an attractive constructed wetland that blends in with the surrounding landscaping.

The Arboretum is less than one mile from the SAS Institute Campus and serves as an amenity to the employees who work there. Ann Goodnight, wife of SAS co-founder Dr. James Goodnight, opened the Asian fusion restaurant An Cuisines at The Arboretum to showcase the talents of SAS’s chef.

Geomatics, Land Development & Planning