Waldo Street Drainage

About This Project

Waldo Street in downtown Cary is three-quarters of a mile long and serves a mix of residences, a post office, and the First United Methodist Church Cary. The road sags in front of the church, and during rainfall events the church experienced significant localized flooding. Because the existing storm sewer pipe that serves the area runs beneath the church, simply replacing the pipe with a larger one was not an option, but routing a larger pipe in a different direction posed its own set of challenges. The Town of Cary turned to WithersRavenel to navigate this complex problem with many stakeholders.

WithersRavenel designed a storm sewer system that involved installing a new, larger pipe and eliminating the flow passing beneath the church. Since conventional open trench excavation was not feasible, the pipe was installed via boring and jacking, making utility coordination essential to the success of the project. The new pipe had to avoid underground fiber optic, telephone, and electrical cables. To eliminate conflicts, a sewer line was rerouted and an unused segment of gas line was formally abandoned. During construction two telephone utility poles were temporarily relocated to accommodate excavation equipment. Care was given to maintaining water and sewer service to property owners.

Throughout construction, vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow had to be maintained as much as possible. To that end, construction began after Easter and ended before Christmas, precautions were taken to reduce risks to children moving around the site during the week for preschool at the church, property access was re-established at the end of each day, and the site was cleared each weekend to accommodate parking for the church’s regular services. The project was completed earlier than expected with minimal delays and disruptions to church activities, for which the congregation was sincerely grateful.