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Yadkin Road Drainage

About This Project

Developed in the mid- to late-1960s and located in a highly urbanized area of Fayetteville, the Ponderosa subdivision suffers from repetitive flooding on Santa Fe Drive during short rainfall events. The existing stormwater infrastructure consists of a series of pipes and ditches that run approximately half a mile primarily along the rear property boundary between the homes and business along Yadkin Road.

WithersRavenel completed a comprehensive drainage basin study—collecting data, developing hydrologic and hydraulic models, and assessing improvement alternatives—to support the development of construction drawings and bidding documents for an overhauled drainage system and associated infrastructure. This included upgrading the existing 42-inch RCP drainage system with a 10’ x 4’10” aluminized box culvert under a heavily traveled five-lane thoroughfare. WithersRavenel also provided easement mapping and downstream impact assessment services.