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Aerial Photography

High-resolution still photos and 4K videos from an aerial perspective capture a 360-degree view of a project that not only increases situational awareness and site management during development, but also provides a wealth of material to encourage public buy-in and excitement for the project.

WithersRavenel’s FAA-certified and experienced pilots use Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for photography and videography at client-defined intervals to document project milestones, track progress, and show the mesmerizing transformation from original condition to finished facility.

In addition, WithersRavenel leverages this technology to inspect buildings, roofs, aerial pipelines, and elevated tanks and recorded surface condition or structural integrity without exposing personnel to unnecessary risks.

Our Services

  • Construction Progress
  • Marketing Efforts
  • Video Timeline Series
  • Elevated Tank, Pipe & Tower Inspection
  • Emergency Management
  • Demolition Inspection
  • Bridge Inspection

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