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Low-Altitude Photogrammetry

Project site orthophotography that merges seamlessly with GIS and drafting programs accelerates the process of map creation, linework generation, and work order system integration. Recent advancements in technology allow WithersRavenel to gather high-resolution orthophotography using professional-grade Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), speeding up data collection while reducing costs and safety risks. Improvements in post-processing software enable us to generate georeferenced mosaics with resolutions of less than one inch per pixel.

By optimizing the use of our high-precision GPS/GNSS survey ground control, WithersRavenel has the ability to orthorectify imagery on small-scale sites of less than 100 acres, and of vast, continuous landscapes of more than 1,000 acres. For smaller sites in particular, this allows clients to continually update databases as new structures are added, or to inventory above-ground utility infrastructure that could not be mapped previously. More—and more frequently updated—imagery increases client workflow efficiency, and all deliverables are verified for accuracy by North Carolina Professional Land Surveyors.

Our Services

  • Municipal Facilities
  • Updated Site Monitoring
  • Replaces Manned Aircraft Photography

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