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Multispectral Imaging

Using specialized sensors mounted to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), WithersRavenel can efficiently survey the vegetation of large parcels of land to inventory plant locations, identify plant species, and assess overall plant health. The uses of multispectral imaging range from determining whether native or invasive species are present on a parcel and making recommendations for vegetation management to monitoring tree health and gauging the effectiveness of herbicidal spraying. Improvements in sensor technology have increased the accuracy and degree of detail of multispectral imaging; advancements in UAS equipment have made multispectral imaging affordable while manned flights remain cost-prohibitive. In addition, WithersRavenel can create high-resolution geo-referenced 3D surface models and digital mosaics of thousands of images to assist in decision-making
and record-keeping.

Our Services

  • Invasive Vegetation Identification
  • Right-of-Way Vegetation Management
  • Timber Health Monitoring
  • Herbicide Audits
  • Mitigation Banks

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