Remote Sensing Services

Site accessibility, safety, and efficiency can pose significant challenges to data collection. Using remote sensing technology, WithersRavenel can collect high-quality data in the most difficult environments.

Using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), our FAA-certified remote pilots can inspect hard-to-reach places like water towers, aerial sewers, the interior of large tanks, and the exterior of buildings impacted by natural disasters. They can also capture instantaneous and time-lapse data for very large sites. They deliver photogrammetry, photography, and videography for analysis, legal documentation, public involvement, and promotional efforts.

Similarly, our Professional Land Surveyors can deploy high-definition 3D laser scanners, which capture millions of data points, within confined spaces like pipes and building interiors. For underwater surface mapping, they use a remotely operated hydrographic survey boat to collect data.

All of these technologies allow us to collect data that was difficult or impossible to obtain before while taking humans out of harm’s way.

Our Services

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