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Developing and maintaining transportation infrastructure for increasing—and increasingly mobile—populations

Greensboro Downtown Greenway

Case Study

  • Client
    City of Greensboro, NC
  • Project Location
    Greensboro, NC

As the third most populous city in North Carolina, Greensboro is constantly seeking ways to attract new business and appeal to cosmopolitan residents and visitors. One such effort is the Downtown Greenway, a proposed four-mile-long loop of multi-use...

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What our clients are saying

We could never provide the depth of services or capabilities, in-house, that you deliver through our on-call contract. If we need a geologist, you deliver; if we need our roads evaluated, you deliver; if we need a drone to video something, you can do that also. Two of our primary core values are customer satisfaction and stewardship of resources. We would be hard-pressed to adhere to these values without your assistance.

Doran Maltba Public Services Director Town of Kernersville