Seth Robertson to join stimulus funding panel on June 24

Seth Robertson to join stimulus funding panel on June 24

Dude Solutions will be hosting a Web-based stimulus funding panel discussion on Wednesday, June 24, at 1 PM ET. Seth Robertson will bring his knowledge of state and federal funding programs to the conversation.

The panel will help school and local government officials and their advocates understand how to navigate stimulus funding. The panel will answer questions such as:

  • What type of stimulus funding is likely to become available?
  • How can I prepare to submit my organization for funding opportunities?
  • How can my organization make the biggest impact with any funds it receives?

As WithersRavenel’s Head of Asset Management & Funding and a former North Carolina funding program manager, Seth Robertson has experience with funding programs from both sides of the table. He is also a certified Asset Manager and Professional Engineer, allowing him to understand and address challenges related to process design, project and program management, environmental permitting, and remediation design.

Seth will be joined by Mary Filardo, Executive Director for the 21st Century School Fund and Coordinator for the National Council on School Facilities, and Steve Roth, Senior Vice President of Education Enterprise Sales at Dude Solutions.

For more information about this lively and informative webinar, visit Dude Solutions’ information and registration page here.