SMPS spotlights WithersRavenel’s client service program

SMPS spotlights WithersRavenel’s client service program

WithersRavenel’s commitment to client service appears in the June 2020 edition of the Journal of the Society for Marketing Professional Services.

WithersRavenel Chief Client Experience and Innovation Officer Eddie Staley, PLS, GISP, authored the case study on Client Experience Management. Staley detailed the results of WithersRavenel’s “Exceptional Service by Design” Workshop. Company clients and WR project managers communicated through panel discussions, group work-sessions and action plans. By speaking candidly with each other and listening, workshop attendees identified key focus areas, strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Based on the success of the workshop, WithersRavenel identified Fundamentals for Client Experience that define how our company will serve clients.

At WithersRavenel, as the case study shows, we are continually refining the customer experience journey to better serve our clients.

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