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Since 1983, WithersRavenel has been committed to assisting local government entities with executing their unique goals and needs. Together we have designed public spaces for recreation, provided clean water and sanitary systems for residents of our state, and created centers of economic development that make our communities vibrant and strong. It is this common passion we share that drives us to serve our communities as changemakers. Our commitment to you is simple: Our People. Your Success.

Our team wishes to continue this changemakers legacy of providing North Carolina communities with the resources to be successful by offering a free annual service grant.

The WithersRavenel Impact Project is an annual award of up to $5,000 worth of our consulting services, with expertise from our Management Consulting and Marketing groups.  The Impact Project focuses on two areas of need:

  1. Funding Application Preparation/Audit
  2. Marketing/Branding Design

Applications must be submitted by August 30, 2019, to be considered for the program.

Questions? Contact us here.

WR Impact Project Application

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