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Force Mains

In addition to conveying wastewater from a pump station to an interceptor or treatment plant at a higher elevation, force mains may also be necessary to cross a drainage divide or when installation for a gravity sewer becomes cost-prohibitive.

WithersRavenel has designed force mains for all of these conditions, and can help clients identify when and where force mains are a suitable choice for their wastewater system. We can navigate the challenges posed by rocky and hilly terrain, wetland and riparian buffers, limited right-of-way, and existing utility conflicts. Where appropriate, we provide clients with support for fast-track sewer system extension application, permitting, funding options, and value engineered solutions.

Our Services

  • Existing & Future System Analysis
  • GIS Sewer System Mapping
  • Alternative Alignment Analysis
  • System Modeling
  • System Hydraulics Design Calculations
  • Engineering Reports
  • Fast-Track Sewer System Extension Application
  • Alternative Permit Applications
  • Trenchless Design
  • Easement Acquisition & Mapping
  • Construction Plans & Specifications
  • Construction Administration & Observation

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