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Lift Station Analysis

WithersRavenel’s lift station analysis provides clients with detailed hydraulic and electrical information, including flow, level, pump capacity, number of starts and run time, time and volume of overflow, voltage and current per phase, frequency, power factor, true power, reactive power, and apparent power.

For new facilities, this information allows clients to benchmark their systems and verify that they are performing as designed. For existing facilities, it gives clients a complete picture of their systems and can help identify areas that need repair or replacement. In both cases the information can be used to understand the Lift station analysis is indispensable for capital improvement planning, because it is the basis for understanding the costs associated with operating and maintaining the facility and for identifying areas where changes would produce the greatest cost savings.

Our Services

  • Site Assessment & Recommendations
  • Condition Assessment & Recommendations
  • 24-Hour Continuous Pump Station Analysis
  • Annual Energy Savings & Costs
  • Asset Prioritization & CIP Formulation

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