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Water & Wastewater Pump Stations

Pump stations lie at the heart of many water and wastewater collection and distribution systems. As a result, pump station design must balance hydraulic and structural adequacy, economic efficiency, and environmental and human health concerns.

WithersRavenel provides pump station designs for raw and treated water and wastewater transmission and distribution systems. We also provide clients with the ability to continuously monitor or annually test lift stations, which allows them to better gauge pump performance, control operating costs, aid in future development planning, and manage upgrades. Efficient design combined with system monitoring keeps consumers happy with low monthly utility rates and reliable utility systems.

Our Services

  • Existing & Future System Modeling
  • Alternative Pump Station Site Analysis
  • System Hydraulics Design Calculations
  • Pump Selection Recommendations
  • Chemical Feed/Mixing Analysis
  • Engineering Reports
  • NCDEQ PWS Review Process Assistance
  • Property Acquisition & Mapping
  • Construction Plans & Specifications
  • Construction Administration & Observation

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