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Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water and wastewater treatment planning involves the evaluation of existing and future populations, flow projections, hydraulic evaluation, organic and chemical loading of waste constituents, biological and chemical treatment capacity, liquid/solid separation, solids handling and disposal, disinfection, and equipment selection based on cost, efficiency, power consumption, and ease of operation and maintenance. Federal, state and local regulations determine the level of treatment for both water and wastewater, as well as drinking water standards and the appropriate means of disposal of effluent and waste by-products.

WithersRavenel provides facility planning, treatment process evaluations, permitting options, design services, construction plans and contract documents, and construction administration services to our clients with water and wastewater treatment needs.

Our Services

  • Facility Planning & Engineering Reports
  • Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant Evaluations
  • NPDES Applications
  • Engineering Alternatives Analysis (EAA)
  • Environmental Assessment Documents
  • Design Calculations
  • Construction Plans & Specifications
  • Construction Administration & Observation
  • Operations & Maintenance Manual Preparation
  • Pre-Treatment Headworks Analysis

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