WithersRavenel champions diversity, inclusion with initiative

WithersRavenel champions diversity, inclusion with initiative

WithersRavenel has recently created the President’s Task Force for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. While our commitment to these principles in the workplace and the community is not new, our company is refocusing on the topics intentionally to emphasize their importance.

The 20 volunteer members of the committee come from throughout WithersRavenel. Initial plans are to have several sessions with a consultant to focus on education, bias and to begin thinking about what goals would be meaningful and impactful for the company.

James White is the consultant assisting WithersRavenel with the initiative. He is Executive Vice President of Organizational Relations for YMCA of the Triangle. White has worked both with the YMCA and groups throughout the country on similar programs. He sees his role as a facilitator to help WithersRavenel on its journey.

“Your company has already built in this idea of being inclusive, equitable and diverse,” he said. “How do we continue to grow in the changing world we’re in?”

White’s background also includes experience teaching social justice courses and work with the state’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. He describes the type of work he is doing with WithersRavenel as “his life’s work.”

“Every company isn’t designed the same,” he said. “Through learning and engagement, we’ll come up with a practical approach to make ideas like diversity, inclusion and equity your own.”

WithersRavenel is excited by the opportunity to continue to improve our company by renewing and strengthening our commitment to a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace.