WithersRavenel thanks our team on Employee Appreciation Day

WithersRavenel thanks our team on Employee Appreciation Day

March 5 is Employee Appreciation Day in the United States. As companies honor their workforce, WithersRavenel gives a special shout-out to our employees, who are also company owners.

“On this Employee Appreciation Day, I would like to thank each of you for the unflinching commitment to your work, our clients and each other; and for being ‘All In, All the Time’ under the most trying circumstances of the past year and going forward,” President and CEO Jim Canfield said in a message to WithersRavenel’s more than 300 employees.

WithersRavenel is a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. ESOPs are a retirement plan that provides employees with a chance to share in the profits they help create. Unlike 401(k)s, ESOPs typically have no out-of-pocket expense for employees.

ESOP companies excel at creating engaging workplace cultures, and are less likely to lay off employees, national research finds. These plans can provide tax benefits for the business and the owners who sell their shares to an ESOP.

Would you like to work at an ESOP company? Check out WithersRavenel’s current job listings here.