WithersRavenel wins 2020 PSMJ Premier Award for Client Satisfaction

2020 PSMJ Premier Award logo

WithersRavenel wins 2020 PSMJ Premier Award for Client Satisfaction

WithersRavenel received the 2020 PSMJ Premier Award for Client Satisfaction. This annual award recognizes top-performing architecture, engineering, and construction firms that have developed a client feedback program to increase client satisfaction.

The award is presented by PSMJ and Client Savvy. PSMJ is a publisher, education provider, and advisor on architecture and engineering business management. Client Savvy is a business management consulting firm.

Client Savvy created Client Feedback Tool, a Web-based application where businesses can request, review, and respond to feedback from their clients. In addition to gathering quantitative and qualitative feedback, Client Feedback Tool offers instructional videos to coach project managers and client-facing employees on how to respond constructively to feedback.

WithersRavenel implemented its first formal client satisfaction program in 2016. Using Client Feedback Tool, we collect and respond to feedback at key milestones throughout the life of a project. Through this interaction, our project managers and business development professionals work with clients to our adjust processes. The result is better alignment with their expectations and an increase in overall satisfaction with project execution.

WithersRavenel also brought home the PSMJ Premier Award for Client Satisfaction in 2019 and 2017. You can find more information about our client satisfaction program here.