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Why You Should Intern with WithersRavenel

  • Purpose

    You will find your purpose at our firm, because we are big enough to house a full suite of disciplines for you to gain knowledge from, yet small enough for you to feel connected to the projects you are working on.

  • Innovation

    We bring innovation to the forefront through our employee-led committee WR Works. Acting as an in-house incubator, WR Works, collects, researches, vets, and helps to implement innovative ideas to improve our work processes.

  • Sustainability

    We encourage our employees to try new things, use resources we provide to improve their mental and physical health, and create a community of equity and equality. Ultimately, sustainability within our employee environment means making WithersRavenel not just a place where people work, but where people grow.

  • Growth

    We try to leverage the unique skills and attributes of our people and position them to achieve greatness. Several opportunities exist to expand your professional internship horizons.

  • Relationships

    We are better together when we practice teamwork through communication and cooperation with our team members, clients, and communities. Our employee-owners have many opportunities to reach out and get to know each other, even with remote offices.

  • WRLife

    By intertwining our core values with our winning spirit, the culture we have created offers a welcoming, empowering, and supportive foundation for all who enter our doors.

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In Their Own Words

I interned at WithersRavenel during my senior year of college and became a full-time employee after I graduated. I work in the utilities group, where we design water and wastewater treatment systems. I witnessed innovation firsthand as an intern when I helped design a new membrane water treatment plant, the first of its kind in eastern North Carolina. I never thought I would be able to be involved in something like that as an intern.
Smiling young man
Parker Colbath Utilities Intern, 2020 NC State University

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