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Highlighted Stories

The FEMA BRIC program is a valuable funding source for resiliency projects

Amid a changing climate, building resilience has come to the forefront as a way to mitigate the fallout of unprecedented weather events. But building resilience requires strong funding support.


An Agency’s Asset Management Journey

The rising cost of pavement repairs, declining general funds, and rapid growth are a recipe for roadway ruin. Add in complaints from drivers, and it’s no wonder local government leaders are in serious need of ways to keep from falling behind.


Second cohort graduates from Future Project Managers Academy

WithersRavenel’s Future Project Managers Academy (FPMA) is thriving, and so are its members. The second cohort of sixteen students graduated during a ceremony hosted at The Mayton in downtown Cary.


Future project managers pose for group pohto

Thad Ellington promoted to CAD/BIM Director

Thad has nearly 25 years of engineering design, surveying and GIS experience at WithersRavenel and for other consulting firms and municipalities. He has worked on a range of residential, commercial, municipal, environmental, and industrial projects.


Thad Ellington, WithersRavenel

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Hawkins Avenue Water Transmission Main project presented several design challenges. During design we became aware of a DOT project that would take place along our alignment. By piggybacking on the DOT project the City stood to save hundreds of thousands of dollars as a directional bore outside of the right of way would have been required if we missed the window. WithersRavenel was able to re-design the water line in the time required which saved the City a considerable sum of money and decommissioned a section of AC line in the process. We look forward to continuing to work with WithersRavenel well into the future.
Paul Weeks City Engineer City of Sanford