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Highlighted Stories

Maximizing Your Pavement Budget: An Overview of Efficient Road Asset Management

Roads don’t last forever—how can we get the most out of our transportation investments? Steve Lander shares pavement management insights from 20+ years driving, rating, modeling, and managing roadway infrastructure.


Money falls through the cracks in pavement because repairs are needed.

Nine clients receive Lead Service Line Replacement funding in most recent round

Clients selected for award are set to receive Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR) funding totaling more than $7 million.


Background photo of a faucet.

October is Community Planning Month

Get to know the team and learn more about the philosophy of equitable engagement that underpins our community planning work.

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Collage showing community planners at work in the office and in the field

Design+Planning team adds engineering services

Civil engineers are joining planners and landscape architects on the Design+Planning team at WithersRavenel in a collaborative move aimed at providing greater service to our municipal clients.


Design+Planning engineering

What Our Clients Are Saying

I am extremely pleased with WithersRavenel in their execution of the Town of Troy sidewalk project. WithersRavenel designed and managed this project from beginning to end and their work was outstanding. Their success with grant funding sources allowed the Town to expand the scope of the project and thereby serve a larger portion of our residents. I would hire them again and I highly recommend their services to others.
Greg Zephir Town Manager Town of Troy