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Highlighted Stories

Resilient Communities: How to Plan, Prepare, Respond, and Recover

The climate is changing, and the past is no longer a good predictor of future conditions. How can local government leaders and ordinary citizens turn their cities, counties, and states into resilient communities?


Resilient communities: how to plan, prepare, respond, and recover

Three NC governments on track to receive $8M+ in 2022 FEMA BRIC grants

WithersRavenel’s Funding team helped two North Carolina local governments and one regional council apply for a combined total of $8,334,000 for hazard mitigation projects.


Three NC governments on track to receive $8M+ in 2022 FEMA BRIC grants thanks to WithersRavenel

APWA-NC names manager award for WithersRavenel’s Keith Pugh

As a salute to his decades of hard work and service, the North Carolina chapter of the American Public Works Association recently renamed its Professional Manager of the Year award in honor of Keith during a ceremony at WithersRavenel’s Cary headquarters.


Keith Pugh

Welcome Will Cauthen!

Asset management consultant and former Cramerton mayor Will Cauthen joins WithersRavenel as a member of our Business Development team.


Will Cauthen WithersRavenel

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Hawkins Avenue Water Transmission Main project presented several design challenges. During design we became aware of a DOT project that would take place along our alignment. By piggybacking on the DOT project the City stood to save hundreds of thousands of dollars as a directional bore outside of the right of way would have been required if we missed the window. WithersRavenel was able to re-design the water line in the time required which saved the City a considerable sum of money and decommissioned a section of AC line in the process. We look forward to continuing to work with WithersRavenel well into the future.
Paul Weeks City Engineer City of Sanford