The WithersRavenel Way
Fundamentals That Define Our Client Experience Promise

Featured CX Behavior

Go Above & Beyond

The smallest actions can mean the most for our clients. In a crowd of competitors, thoughtful gestures like sending a handwritten note or bringing a snack to a meeting set us apart and elevate the client experience we provide.


  • Ask clients to rate meetings and take action based on their feedback.
  • Make a note of personal details and ask about them later.
  • Participate in local events.

Our Process

WithersRavenel seeks feedback at key milestones throughout the project life cycle with Client Feedback Tool, an online communication application. Using a request for feedback tailored to the specific project milestone, WithersRavenel can quickly and easily gauge where we are meeting or exceeding expectations and where we need to make improvements. Through follow-up contact, we then work with our clients to adjust processes to better align with their expectations and increase their overall satisfaction with project execution.

Our Results

Our clients have wholeheartedly embraced this avenue of communication, using it as an opportunity to share their concerns and praises while voicing their opinions. As a result, WithersRavenel has found that our relationships with our clients are stronger and that their satisfaction with our work has increased across all aspects of work.

What Clients Are Saying

An Award-Winning Client Experience

WithersRavenel is recognized as an industry leader in providing an exceptional client experience.

2019 PSMJ Premier Award for Client Satisfaction

2017 PSMJ Premier Award for Client Satisfaction

2020 CX-cellence Award for Purposeful Leadership

2019 CX-cellence Award for Client Experience

2018 CX-cellence Award for Client Connectedness