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Subsurface Environmental Investigations

Soil, groundwater, and vapor intrusion sampling activities are crucial components of many of the environmental assessment and monitoring projects that WithersRavenel undertakes for its clients. Such projects may include complete delineation of soil and groundwater contamination using direct push, hollow-stem augur, air-rotary, or sonic drilling machinery.

Our environmental staff provides groundwater and surface water monitoring and reporting services for Brownfields sites, commercial and industrial sites, UST sites, and active and inactive landfill sites. We also maintain a network of laboratory, drilling, and environmental service contractors across the state to deliver services on an expedited basis. Our experience in evaluating subsurface conditions enables us to recommend successful response or remediation strategies that are consistent with client needs and planned land uses.

Our Services

  • Soil Boring Investigation
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment
  • Test Pit Evaluation
  • Sampling of Soil, Groundwater, Sediments, Surface Water, and Air
  • Risk Based Corrective Action
  • Receptor Survey/Contaminant Pathway Evaluation
  • Fate & Transport Modeling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Natural Attenuation & Biodegradation Modeling
  • Geophysical Evaluation

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Butch Lawter, PE

Director, Env. Services

Matt James, LG

Director, Env. Assessment

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