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Chatham Park Development

About This Project

Located in the Town of Pittsboro just 30 miles west of Raleigh, NC, Chatham Park is a 7,000+ acre master planned community approved for up to 22,000 residential units and 22 million square feet of non-residential space. It is the largest land development project on the East Coast, and WithersRavenel is the lead designer for both public and private development projects within Chatham Park.

In that capacity, WithersRavenel is coordinating with numerous regulatory agencies and consultants as well as providing substantial planning, engineering, and landscape architecture services

A blend of schools, homes, parks, restaurants, and businesses will be tucked into a scenic nature preserve and connected by more than 11 miles of greenways, multi-use trails, and sidewalks. The roadway design incorporates Complete Street concepts, which include bike lanes and low-impact development elements.

As part of the project’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, WithersRavenel has worked with the developers to develop and implement practices that protect the environment and create a better place to work, live, and play. Chatham Park is the first privately funded pilot project in North Carolina for the design and construction of a new alignment using green street installation.

Work on Chatham Park began in earnest in 2008. The project will be completed in numerous phases scheduled through the 2035 planning horizon.

Land & Site Development