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Lee County Parks Master Planning

About This Project

The Lee County Parks project began as an effort by the County to establish a master plan vision for four parks, with the objective of providing high quality parks and recreation facilities that support a healthy and vibrant quality of life.

The four parks—Horton Park, Kiwanis Children’s Park, Temple Park, and O.T. Sloan Park—are all located in different areas of the City of Sanford and provide a wide variety of recreation experiences and amenities to the residents of Lee County.

The master plan process was intended to better identify the needs of the community through a systematic method of research and community involvement that engaged County stakeholders and the public. The approach extended beyond the specific property lines of the parks in order to develop a cohesive plan that connects the parks to the surrounding neighborhoods and provides an improved park experience for the residents that use them.

Considering the unique aspects of each park, the project team relied on research and inventory of existing conditions and context, as well an analysis of previous planning documents like the Lee County Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update. Programming research also included the analysis of both park and program precedents that were consistent with stakeholder input. Ultimately, the project team developed concept alternatives for each park, and the utilized the public involvement process to refine these into a final master plan concept that represents the shared community vision of the parks.

In addition to the master plan and public involvement services, the project team provided detailed conceptual cost estimates and phasing recommendations for all of the parks. The County had recently secured funds for park improvements, making the feasibility of the Phase 1 implementation a critical aspect of the implementation process. WithersRavenel also provided PARTF application services for Kiwanis Children’s Park, in an effort to obtain additional funding for Phase 2.

Upon completion of the master planning process, the County gave WithersRavenel the notice to proceed with the development of construction documents for Phase 1 of all the parks. The design process is currently underway, with construction expected to begin later this year.

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