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Aging infrastructure and intensifying storms make managing stormwater runoff volumes and restoring function within impaired watersheds increasingly challenging, particularly in urban areas. One of the things that sets WithersRavenel apart from other firms is our in-house, dedicated stormwater engineering department.

We have tackled a variety of stormwater projects, ranging in scope from small studies and conventional designs to large and innovative solutions. Using a suite of modeling and CAD programs, we deliver stormwater management solutions that address both water quantity and water quality issues.

We also have team members who specialize in innovative practices, including low impact development, green infrastructure, and amenity facilities. In projects throughout the state, our engineers are working in conjunction with private developers, municipal planners, and community stakeholders to design projects where stormwater management facilities are a focal point. Our technical experts have proven experience in designing spaces that seamlessly integrate stormwater management needs into site design.

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