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Green Infrastructure & Low Impact Design

Green infrastructure and low impact development (LID) programs, which focus on integrating stormwater devices with the architecture and landscaping of a site, are critical not only for regulatory compliance, but also for maximizing a site’s potential. These innovative strategies enhance natural elements while managing runoff in urban environments. WithersRavenel embraces green infrastructure and LID strategies as an effective way to comply with stormwater regulations while creating memorable and inviting public places.

Through the collaboration of stormwater engineers, landscape architects, and planners, WithersRavenel is activating unused or underutilized spaces by designing stormwater management solutions as amenities rather than only requirements. The benefit of this strategy goes far beyond improved water quality alone—it increases the return on investment on land use, improves air quality, preserves or adds wildlife habitat, provides public educational opportunities, produces positive socioeconomic impacts, and provides long-term maintenance savings.

Our Services

  • Detailed Green Infrastructure Design
  • Low Impact Development (LID) Strategies
  • Innovative Stormwater Solutions
  • Stormwater Management Plan Preparation
  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • Construction Drawing Preparation
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Construction Administration & Observation
  • Environmental Permitting Specialists

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