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Preliminary Engineering Report

Oftentimes the first step in a design project is a well-thoughtout, -planned, and -executed preliminary engineering report (PER).

Whether the project is simply an idea, the focus of grant funding, or a fully funded project in the works, a PER will help drive the project and focus the direction. A PER states the purpose and need of a project, analyzes and evaluates alternatives, navigates the required permits and necessary involvement of federal or state agencies, evaluates environmental impacts, and provides preliminary construction cost estimates. A comprehensive PER can also be an important tool for the development of capital improvement plans.

WithersRavenel specializes in providing our clients with preliminary engineering reports that cover all the bases required for any situation, catering each report to the specific project and ensuring that every detail is captured in the narrative.

Our Services

  • Records Research
  • Environmental Assessment & Impact Analysis
  • Project Summary & Planning
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Present Worth Analysis
  • Rate Studies
  • Permitting & Zoning Investigation
  • Preliminary Design Concepts & Site Plans
  • State & Federal Funding Applications
  • Design & Construction Scheduling
  • Construction Cost Estimates

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