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Grants & Loans Funding Services

WithersRavenel’s team of dedicated funding consultants can assist local governments in navigating the often complex and intricate details involved in applying for, securing, and administering grants and other types of funding for essential infrastructure projects.

Equipped with responsive, dedicated grant specialists, the voice of your community can be heard through our reputable funding program. Our team locates funding sources and determines the sources that are most applicable for each project and prepares the funding application, ensuring that every detail is handled appropriately.

Our funding team has assisted clients in successfully applying for more than $889 million in funding. Our goal is to ignite economic growth, sustainability, and build communities that can accommodate a vibrant quality of life.

Our Services

  • Source Identification
  • Grant/Loan Application Writing
  • Community Engagement/Public Outreach
  • Grant/Loan Administration
  • Local Government Commission Applications
  • Conventional Financing Solicitations
  • Needs Surveys

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