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Data Services

Collecting, compiling, and updating GIS data is often secondary to the daily maintenance, planning, and design efforts that rely on that data. By tapping into WithersRavenel’s deep reservoir of personnel and technology, our clients are able to remain focused on their critical assignments while we efficiently complete data gathering and integrating tasks.

In the field, WithersRavenel uses conventional surveying and survey-grade GPS techniques to inventory existing infrastructure, including water, wastewater, stormwater, gas, and telecommunications. We also perform field data collection for a range of projects, from tree locations and cemetery inventories to address verification for E911 and Automated Meter Reading program implementation.

In the office, our staff specialize in converting data into GIS from various sources, including CAD, MapInfo, MicroStation, and paper sources. They can evaluate and reconcile existing data, completing missing fields, eliminating redundancy, and generally making the data more useful for the client’s needs. They can also automate GIS processes to make it even easier for clients to access the data they use every day.

Our Services

  • Database Design
  • Data Conversion, Cleanup & Reconciliation
  • Data Assessments
  • As-Built Inventory & Georeferencing
  • Parcel Reconciliation
  • Centerline Reconciliation
  • Data Field Collection
  • Survey-Grade GPS
  • Traditional Survey
  • Mobile GIS Needs
  • Inventory
  • Trees
  • Cemetery
  • Address Verification

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