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Record Drawings & Certifications

Land development does not end with construction. To finalize a project, WithersRavenel leverages our in-house geomatics, water resources, land development, and construction administration staff to compare the design of the site’s transportation, utility, and stormwater infrastructure with the final construction in the field.

WithersRavenel compiles record drawings that, along with any required supporting documentation, are submitted to the municipality for approval. Our familiarity with the requirements and expectations of many municipalities, as well as the certification process as a whole, reduces delays for the client and allows the project to receive certificate of occupancy or other final approvals to put the facility into use.

Our Services

  • Survey & Construction Administration
  • Transportation Record Drawings
  • Utility Record Drawings
  • Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Record Drawings
  • Water Certifications
  • Sanitary Sewer Certifications

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