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Subdivision & Multi-Family Planning & Design

Creating the places where people live, the places that shape and reflect their values, takes sensitivity, imagination, and passion.

At WithersRavenel, we match our clients’ vision with multi-disciplinary technical expertise and a deep well of experience with residential planning, design, and regulatory compliance. From identifying potential sites to preparing layouts and grading, designing utility connections, and mitigating environmental concerns, we take projects from concepts to reality, from lots and houses to neighborhoods and communities. By anticipating and addressing the challenges that impact yields, budgets, and schedules, we deliver residential developments that are constructible, cost effective, and sustainable for generations to come, while creating elements that define each neighborhood’s unique character.

Our Services

  • Lot Matrices
  • Master, Construction & Site Plans
  • Road & Greenway Layout & Design
  • Detailed Lot Grading Plans
  • Water & Sewer Design
  • Street Lighting
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Stormwater Management
  • Existing Tree Surveys
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Entry Signage & Monuments
  • Amenity Site Designs
  • Wetlands, Stream & Buffer Delineations
  • Developer Agreements
  • Fee-in-Lieu Estimates
  • Storm Drainage Layouts & Design

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